Premium-class designer furniture made of precious wood using a unique technology

Luxury furniture "Leda Artisans" is the result of 30 years of cooperation with the best designers and furniture manufacturers from Italy.
Thanks to the imagination and talent of designers who have brought to their works a personal perception of beauty and a sense of style, as well as the experience of the best craftsmen in the processing of precious woods, combining hand made work with the latest Hi-Tech technologies, your life is surrounded by an elite furniture made of unsurpassed materials will sparkle with new colors and emotions.

Graceful things from precious woods

Simplicity and elegance in every curve

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Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and design

Top quality product range

All products are made using high-precision CNC equipment and handmade.
Collections of furniture for the living room, office, bedroom, nursery, dining room are impeccably designed by talented designers and executed by brilliant craftsmen, whose professionalism is akin to art.
The combination of the latest HI-TECH techniques and handmade HAND MADE brings our collections to a new level of quality, comfort, aesthetics and refined luxury.

Color palette. Unique style. Choose your color scheme

A variety of delightful color offerings. Unique sophisticated style. Our collections provide an opportunity to choose furniture to the liking of those who are endowed with a delicate taste and especially appreciate the beauty and harmony in the objects around them.

Leda Artisans - Luxury and Design

Each of our products conveys the very feelings that make you want to touch the surface of the back of a chair or table leg, to feel all the softness of smooth lines, combined into one single work of art.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, you are in two dimensions - space and time.
What do we mean by "my home"? This is a space that everyone would like to say: the time spent here is precious. Home space should inspire people and make them happy.

Each piece of our furniture makes you want to touch it, feel the softness of the leather surface of the chair or the natural attraction of natural wood, feel the softness of smooth lines and be among all this splendor.